Y rail gantry clearance from table top

Just assembled my Elite Journeyman. I noticed that the Y rail gantries only have about 1/16" clearance over the table top. Is this correct? Seems like there should be greater clearance. I notice that the Foreman assembly instructions indicate adding a riser block under the Y rail bases. Why does the Journeyman not have the same risers?

The woodworker has about 1/16 as well, pretty close

Hey Brian,

because the Journeyman has the 35 mm rails on Y, while the Foreman has the 50 mm rails on Y (see difference). Only on the latter it’s the carriage that protrudes downward the most, and not the feet.

That’s why I added risers to mine when I assembled it. Also gives my fingers room to get under the rails for cleaning.


Thanks for the replies. Appreciate the photo @Pony . That’s what I was thinking of doing. My concern is that it could be possible to get a chip under the gantry that could cause a bind. Maybe that’s a bit of an extreme scenario. But I was also going to ask if there would be any downside to putting a plywood spacer under the Y bases. Looks like it would be Ok.

Ideally they would be machined metal pieces, but wood works, especially hardwood.

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