Will there be "Y-50" rails on Y-Axes soon too? [FULFILLED]


I was very delighted to see a 48″ × 32″ Version of your CNC, the Journeyman, to come out now, with stiffy 50 mm rails on X-Axis.

I was hoping on something like this to be released for a long time. I belong to those who are now about to cancel their order of a “Woodworker X-35” (32″ × 32″) in favour of a “Journeyman X-50” (48″ × 32″).

But one question worries me:

Will there be 50 mm rails on Y-Axes soon too?

Because what I’d like to prefer, is not having a 48″ × 32″ like “Journeyman”, but a 32″ × 48″ – I mean one with 50 mm rails of 48″ on the Y-Axes, instead of the X-Axis.

Why? That would allow easier mount of a 4th Rotary Axis: It would not collide with the Y-Axes rails since the Rotary Axis would be parallel to those then. That is a real problem with what I plan to do. When using new “Journeyman”, it limits the 4th Rotary Axis to either being shorter than the 48″ Length (becauser of 4th Axis stepper, gear box, 3 Jaw Chuck etc. to fit between the Y-Rails) or, the other way, to be parallel to the Y-Axes, and so to have only 32″ Cutting Area Length.

So what would be sad is if I modified my order to receive a “Journeyman X-50” 48″ × 32″ now, with 50 mm rails on X-Axis, and you would issue “Y-50” rails on Y-Axes soon after that.

So are there plans for “Y-50” 48″ rails on Y-Axes?



Rather than be limited in either direction I would like to be able to upgrade the Journeyman to 48" rails on X and Y.

Is it as simple as using two of the X rails on the Y axis?

With all the different rails that are currently available IF they could all be used for X or Y then that would open up multiple size combinations that the user could choose from when ordering.

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Hey @onefinitycnc,

now you offer the Foreman X-50 Y-50.

Thank you!

EDIT: And later you offered also the PRO version of Foreman X-50 Y-50

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