Larger X-50 Journeyman

Hi all. I am new to this forum and very interested in buying the X-50 Journeyman.
Just a stupid question . Is it possible to mount the 48" X rail on two similar X rails instead of the two 32" Y rails? This way the machine will have a cutting area of 48" x 48"

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My thinking is … if the extruded aluminum blocks on the x and y axes are interchangeable then I think it would be mechanically possible. I imagine the wiring would need to be reworked, and controller setting tweaks as well. I believe the bigger challenge would be to get the rails, as I don’t think 1F would sell you separately the number you need.

There are some companies that have 4’X4’ offerings, and if you wait long enough, it would not surprise me if 1F came out with such a model in the future as the idea has come up from time to time in the forums (From what I have learned, the current linear motion components/design used on 1F CNCs would handle up to that size, but not bigger).

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The blocks are not interchangeable today. I had the same idea a few month back I til that was identified.