Masso G3 based build F360 pics and 1F photos

I have taken a break from building my control enclosure - recently finished building new cables with GX12 connectors for homing sensors - and have moved on to the 1F CNC itself. I purchased 15mmX50mm drag chain to future proof for spindle cable and water lines, and designed, 3D printed, and installed the components for the drag chain track, homing sensors, and plexi shields for the Y axes. I have added photos for those interested, and am happy to provide the F360 files if anyone wants to use them.


@TMToronto Wow! Excellent work :+1: I haven’t begun my Acorn swap yet but man did this give me butterflies! Yeah if you are willing to share your Fusion 360 files for these pieces I’d be more than happy to use them on my machine.

I am happy to share any files you want. I decided to use a larger aluminum angle than others have used as I liked the higher walls - it added strength as I am clipping my stepper motor cables to them, and it can’t hurt to aid in the guiding the larger drag chain. I work in metric, and used M5 screws throughout, except for the top z mount (I can show the pic/photo of that too if you like). I designed the holes small (4.5mm dia.) and bought a set of 5 metric drill taps like these - I tapped all the holes in the 3D prints and aluminum, and it was very easy, needing only a hand driver to tap the plastic pieces.

Materials I used:
M5 X 12 screws - oval head Philips and socket cap
3/4" X 1/16" X 4’ aluminum angle - 4 pieces
black PLA+ for printing
15mm X 50mm drag chain - 3 pieces reassembled to accommodate all three axes
6mm X 6" X 48" clear acrylic - 2 pieces cut to size/I cut the notches and drilled the mounting holes
M5 X 90mm socket cap screws - I needed longer as I needed to print thicker mounts for my larger
NEMA 23 motors
F360 design software

I did not show everything, but here is a list of what I designed:

angle end caps
angle spacers - add strength/keep angle spacing/keeps drag chain off the bottom of angle
3 piece bottom mount clips - hold motor cables to outside of angle
cable divider/drag chain end mount - holds end clips of drag chain and separates cables
cable box cover - clips to top of angles and accepts foam insert to gently hold cables in place
Y axis brackets - holds acrylic in place
X axis drag chain to Y axis drag chain covered 90 degree transition
X axis top mounting plate/Z axis vertical drag chain mount - 2 pieces held with original M6 screws
circular end caps - cover tube holes/narrow lip to allow clearance for other parts to mount
proximity sensor holder for X and Y axes sensors
proximity sensor holder for X and Y axes metal - designed so one piece of metal can be attached if I want to add a sensor/limit switch to other end of X and Y axes (also can use a bolt as a trigger which is what you see now)
proximity sensor holder for Z axis sensor - 2 pieces clamp to Z axis frame/uses spindle mount as trigger
*I can show close-ups/F360 drawing of any not shown in my original post if you like

I know that is a lot, and you may not need or want everything. Let me know if you want more details through either a better description of photos


Thanks for the breakdown! More details aren’t needed but thanks though. Yeah I can definitely use the Fusion files for sure. I have actually come across 18X50mm drag chain that would work with these dimensions. I also work in metric and standard. For some reason using standard units in CAM just makes more sense to my brain when programming CAM strategies even though using metric my whole life. Just weird I guess :joy:. Ill shoot you a PM with my email

Great work. Just starting to upgrade to an Acorn myself. Can you post pics of your Z solution, and are the STL files somewhere for download?


Certainly. By Z solution, do you mean the holder for the proximity sensor, or is there anything else you would like? I have my Z and X off at the moment as I am switching out the X35 for the X50 rail I recently picked up, and I will be adding my two 80 mm mounts as well, but I may have pictures from before - just let me know what you would like to see. Also, I have made all parts in F360, and am happy to pass on any files you may want.

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TMT, love the polycarb you have protecting the rails and screws. Gotta add something like that to my setup (mainly cutting aluminum, HDPE and polycarb).


Thank you. I’m interested in the Z sensor mount details. As to files, love your designs in general. If I could get all of the files or links for them it would save a lot of time. I like the way you tied off of the holes that house the set screws, kind of makes them more out of harms way and hard knocks. Nice work.

z axis mount revised front sensor holder v2.stl (46.8 KB)
Z axis sensor back v1.stl (17.5 KB)

The two pieces screw together with M5 screws - I just tap the thread in the hole in the plastic - on either side of the left side z mount channel. The sensor is adjusted to trigger when the mount approaches. It mounts either above or below the top X axis linear bearing, as the back piece is too thick to fit between the bearing and the back of the z axis mount. I can take a picture of the two parts screwed onto the z axis plate if it helps. Let me know if the STL files can be opened, if not I could find a way to make them shareable. Do you use F360?

Thank you, the STLs opened great. May I also ask for the X and Y mounts. I was contemplating on mounting those on top of rail end blocks but the more I looked at your pics online, the better I liked the side mounts. For clearance with your cable chains, you only attach the mount at the end of the X rail to the outer screws, right? If you have STLs on the guide as well, it would be much appreciated.

Sorry for the delayed reply. I’ve put in a ton of overtime the past couple of weeks and just getting back to some of this.

BTW, I don’t use Fusion360, but if that would make it simpler for you, I can get an account I’m sure.

Thanks again,
Warren Brown

I now have a fusion 360 account. If I’m reading correctly, I’m not sure we can directly share files on there if you use a personal license, but willing to try. It does look like files can be shared out via grabcad though.

Thanks again.

I think you will like F360. I may even buy a license for one - month? year? - to see if I make use of all the features available. I need to get up and running first. I am happy you liked the files, and will happily send any more you want. I picked up my 8020 extrusions yesterday, and am spending the day assembling the frame/table in order to be able to finally bolt my 1F Woodworker onto its final resting place - very excited.

I will most likely look to send the latest files you requested some time tonight - apologies for the delay, but I want to test fit my 1F today in case they made an error with the cuts/machining on the extrusions I ordered. I had the measurements down to the mm so that the 1F mounting holes line up perfectly with the extrusion channels and T-nuts - should be a very solid single unit once finished (that was the plan anyway).

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I take 2 weeks to reply and you apologize for a delay, LOL. I appreciate all your work on these, waiting a bit is no issue for me.

And your aluminum machine frame/bed sounds awesome. Please share some pics when completed, love to see it.

Good luck on the assembly today.

X and Y axis sensor holder v1.stl (63.8 KB)
prox sensor mount for metal v3.stl (67.7 KB)

Above are the STLs for the sensor holders (both parts) for the X and Y axis. I added a few pictures of the parts attached to the drag chain angle supports - wasn’t sure if you have a solution for that - if you want them I have several parts that make up the complete drag chain system.

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I don’t think my current drag chain setup will be compatible. I think it conflicts with how the prox brackets mount. I should’ve just asked for the whole “kit” I guess.

So, yes, if you don’t mind post the drag chain files as well. This is going to save hours and probably a spool of “tests”, thank you.

Would you have a picture of the motor end of the X rail and how you mounted both the sensor and drag chain mounts. The motor is in the way to mount on the outside of the block, so both must go inside, right??? Your work on this has save me a ton of effort. Thanks again.

Apologies again for not replying sooner - working on many projects to get up and running. I will pass on all the info/files you requested tonight or tomorrow. Happy to help out - just got side-tracked.

I am still building the table, but placed the X and Y rails on top to show the positions I believe you asked for. The drag chain support bracket on the motor side is on the ‘inside’ opposite the motor, and on the outside of the X axis block at the other end, opposite the sensor mount. Note that this is my new X50 rail, and I will need to modify my drag chain mounting bracket at the motor side as the larger diameter tubes hit the bracket (only barely so I may just saw off a bit of the plastic). I will however need to make a new mount for the metal sensing screw - the one that attaches to the back of the Z axis block - as it is at a different height compared to the X35 version. It looks like I will need to but another kg roll of PLA+

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Thanks. All great stuff and truly helping. These mounts for proxs are the cleanest idea I’ve seen.

I’m planning to put prox max limits on at least x and y, your bracket for metal looks like you designed it for this too.

Happy you like them. The mounts for the metal screws that trigger the sensors do fit on X and Y blocks - the nice thing is one print is all that is need as there is nor right or left. I also made them somewhat adjustable by having different screw locations. Instead of a screw (or similar), one could use a flat metal bar, and then a sensor could be put on each end of travel on each axis - I have seen some people do this, but I am just using them for homing. I will look to upload the drag chain rail files. Note the parts are made to fit on stock aluminum angle found in big box stores - 48" long X 1 1/4" X 1 1/4" X 1/16". Did you want the curved connector piece as well (it is the second last photo at the start of the post)?