Is use without dust collection OK?

I have no cash left for a dust collection system YET but want to get going with the X-50

I’m just concerned about excessive dust damaging the X-50’s components ?

I am willing to use my Henry dry vac to collect dust manually.

And I have a small battery leaf blower that could help?

Is their any preventative step’s I can take

Any thoughts? :thinking:

Hey Alex,

unfortunately, oiled mechanics like the ball screws of the Onefinity CNC are totally incompatible with wood dust. It mixes with oil and slowly bakes a oil-wood dust mix into the ball screw which will at some point block the machine, as shown here:

See this FAQ: Troubleshooting: Rail is getting hung, stuck, or out of alignment

Therefore in the industry, CNCs for milling wood have their mechanics enclosed with bellow covers, as you can see e.g. here, but can also be found on some on hobbyist machines.

So I would not recommend to use it without some way of dust extraction, and you should always try to collect the dust as close as possible to where it is generated, i.e. at the milling bit. I assume you own at least the Onefinity Suckit Dust Boot Basic or maybe the Infinite Dust Collection Kit (Includes Suck It Pro and PWN CNC v8 dust boot kits. If you own a vacuum cleaner, even if it’s only the Henry, I would use it. At, you can see how Suckit dust boot Vac adaptors look like, e.g. for this one for Fein or for this one for Festool which allow to attach your vacuum. I don’t know the diameter of your vacuum hose, but possibly you can find one matching, or someone will 3D-design and 3D print one for you.

The ball nuts have “wipers” at each end whose purpose is to keep dust away from the inside. However, as you can see above, their effect is limited, some improvement may be possible with the wipers of Giancarlo (@Tuvix72).

Some people protect their Y balls screws with curtains or with plexiglas panes or metal panels as shown here and here. While this can help to prevent large amounts of chips and dust to land on the ball screws, it can never replace a dust collection.

Onefinity gives Instructions for maintenance and cleaning but spot on the importance of dust collection repeatedly.

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Hi Alex, I have had my Woodworker for almost 2 years now and do not use dust collection while carving. I tried it but didn’t like it. It gets in the way of keeping an eye on the bit and I have found that it just isn’t necessary. However, I keep my shop vac close by and use it when chips and dust pile up that can interfere with the Y rails. After each carve I will manually clean up all the mess. These machines do a good job of sealing out dust and I keep mine lubricated which helps to seal the bearings. Once I followed Onefinity’s recommendation to clean out behind the ball screws white dust wipers. An air hose is also helpful in blowing out any crud that builds up.


Thankyou for the response Aiph5u. Very informative and much to consider! :grinning:

On reflection I will save and get a 3D printed boot (to avoid the killer import tax that my country has rrrrrrrr).

For anybody reading a Henry hose is 1-1/4" or 32mm.

Thanks For the response Alden. :+1:

Nice to hear that someone gets by without and thanks for the maintenance tips.

I am new to wood CNC so will need to spend my time watching the bit, so you put me at ease.

What lubricant do you use for the Y rails?

I use what Onefinity recommends which is 3 In One lubricant. Also, I have built some 6 inch sides and back to help contain the sawdust. I also use a Wen whole shop filtration unit hanging from the ceiling to keep the air clean in my shop.


This is mdf dust that a shop vac or a 2 micron bag will not collect. I also use compressed air to blow off the rails after almost every carve

Imagine that in your lungs!

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Hey Paul, I currently have a similiar setup with the dust deputy between, but my vac is a Rigid, and very loud. Is the Dewalt one you have fairly quiet?

Hey Max,

as many times as I have seen the picture now, I have wanted to ask you, do you really think that the dust was let through the pores of the 2-micron filter bag? These dust collection systems usually have a fairly simple clamp that holds the dust collection bag in place, and if the 2-micron filter bag has clogged pores and the motor is powerful, then the dust will often find its way out, usually leaking where the dust collection bag is clamped. Or where the 2-micron filter bag is clamped. I remember having seen a video where someone described this.

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If available in your area - look at the Harbor Freight 2hp 70gal dust Collection unit. You can’t beat the price point with its CFM’s. :+1:. I own 2. One in my shop where I upgraded the fan blade for more CFM’s and one dedicated to my CNC table.


The dust will also affect the controller and cause it to stop working.
You will have to take out the four screws and plow it out with compressed air.
Do not vacuum it, causes static that will ruin the board

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I hooked up a used independent central vac that I picked up on Facebook marketplace. For $50.00 works just fine and I can hide it in a insulated closet to keep the noise down.


How long have you been using that Shop-Vac and how hard do you work it may I ask

I retired my very loud Rigid wet/dry vac and replaced with the Dewalt vacuum Paul suggested. It is very quiet, definitely glad you posted this. Thanks!

Thanks for the help had first cut today flattening my waste-board

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Hey Alex,

with the cute Henry! :slight_smile: Great.

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