A question from a prospecting buyer. Sawdust buildup?

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I am very excited to put in an order for a WoodWorker after next payday. Came close to buying carbides creation, the belt driven model they call “pro”. The ww seems superior to me in every significant way, while being cheaper. But I am interested in knowing if sawdust buildup in parts like the ballscrewhousing might become an issue?
Any experience shared is more than welcome.

Thank you

No reports of any issues yet (that I’ve seen). But I wouldn’t expect any significant wear issues for at least few hundred hours of operation - maybe even thousands. The bearings are sealed and I’ve not seen significant accumulation of material on the rails - plus it’s easy to wipe off.


Thank you for your reply - Good to hear. For noise reasons I will be purchasing a water cooled spindle like seen in Myers videos. It has the added benefit of not blowing air directly at the cuttings, making the dust collection more effective. Also I saw on another forums that using mineral oil is far far better than wd40.

Hey Gudmundur… All bearings and ball screws are sealed to minimize the possibility of contamination. In addition, we use round linear bearings as opposed to profile bearings as they seal much better. All ball screws have oil ports so you can flush them with oil. We also designed the system in such a way that allows all bearings and ball screws to be easily replaced using standard tools if ever required.

WD40 is a great cleaner, do not use for lubrication. We recommend 3 and one oil… Maintenance instructions can be found on page 29 of the Owners Manual… https://276de75e-feff-4209-8538-25071949b13c.filesusr.com/ugd/f704eb_5e25e9edf4c34f42ba4711f22b09e271.pdf

Talk soon…


Great. Thanks!! Will be difficult waiting :smile:

I can tell you for sure that you may be able to get something else quicker but the wait is well worth it. This machine is tough as nails. 99.9% of all the machines in this price range have very little rigidity. That lack of rigidity is your number one enemy with a cnc machine. The OneFinity is that .1% that is rock solid. Don’t cheat yourself, wait it out. You’ll be glad you did.


Yes, I completely agree. At the moment the woodworker seems to whip the competition. Its not even close really.

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Rigidity is a key factor when choosing a cnc. Check out this short video that was taken from 3 different videos.


That link took me to the specifications but not the owners manual. I can’t seem to find the maintenance instructions anywhere.

Hey Mark, the maintenance instructions reference a maintenance video on YouTube, but I don’t find it. Has it been uploaded yet?

Hey Carroll… Unfortunately not yet. We are working on it and it should be available soon. Talk soon…

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Ok, thanks! It doesnt sound too complicated, but just checking. Keep up the good work, I’m having a ball with mine!

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