Access webcam view from another network?

Is it possible to access the webcam when connected to a different network from the one that the CNC is connected ?

Yes, However it requires opening ports up on your router/firewall which I am not a huge fan of but you can do. There are many videos on YouTube instructing how to open ports, however I can say its not the easiest thing to do, and again anytime you open a port to the outside world you open a possible window for others to get in.

If you do, end up doing it I would recommend also adding a VPN option into your design.

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@Bcadet - depends what you mean by “different network” - a little more context would be helpful. If you have VLANs on your home LAN, then you need firewall rules to allow the traffic to flow between the VLANs. If the camera is literally on a different physical LAN, then there might be a need to open ports or protocols. Most ISPs have a basic firewall enabled and reject incoming network connections; however, outgoing network connections are generally open to all. So generally the controller should be able to connect to the camera, but nothing can connect to the controller (from the outside).

Make sense?



I have to spend time only router config to see what’s possible then. Thank you.