Add Ability to Open Web Cam in a New Browser Window

I searched but couldn’t find anything about this.

I think it would be nice to be able to open the web cam in its own browser window for full screen viewing.

It is possible to view only the video by entering the following into the address bar of your browser.


It would be nice if this could be done by clicking a button next to the video display in the main control window. This would be helpful when viewing from devices with smaller screens like tablets and phones.

But also on larger displays as you could view the webcam in one window and have the control panel up in a second window side by side.

Why? Because if you click on the webcam thumbnail to enlarge it the controls are pushed down below and you can’t see what you are doing and control the machine at the same time.

Opening two instances of the remote control panel and enlarging the webcam view in one will work. But now you have two remote connections from where commands can be sent to the controller. Just seems like there is potential for error created if you have two remote control panel connections active.

Using http://Your_Onefinity_IP/api/video there are no controls available to the viewer so no chance of doing something to screw up. All you can do is close the window or control the size using the browser +/- controls to zoom in/out.

Come to think of it this would be nice for the cut path too.