Remote Display Web Page

I plan to add on a remote display in my shop for the Onefinity driven by a separate Raspberry Pi in a Kiosk mode so that I get the machining preview and can monitor across the shop. This does not need to have control inputs as it is truly a display. This would also allow for having a leaner set of objects so that more can be seen at any time without the need to scroll.
Here is a mock up of what i was thinking:

Is this something others have interest in? I am not sure I have the skills to clone\modify the code that does the current page but if there is enough interest maybe that will help motivate me to figure it out. Alternately if there is already a way to select displayed elements via the URL pathing please let me know. I have not found anything in my few hours of digging.


Trying to understand what you are asking for here. Why would you not just bring up the Onefinity web interface on the kiosk? I guess the main point is you only want to display a subset of what is normally shown on the web browser. It should be feasible to create a stripped down version of the web UI although you’d have to maintain it going forward if there are changes to the main code base. I plan to be looking at the Buildbotics code shortly in an effort to fix the issue with the Units default on the Control page. Once I get a look at the code, I could maybe get a better sense how difficult your idea would be to implement.

I would be ok with the base interface if it didn’t allow pop ups like the home now message box as it doesn’t clear if you don’t click OK or cancel.
The axis movement buttons serve no use on a display only screen with no input device so I would rather display useful bits. That said, I looked at the code but have no clue where to start as it builds the page from pug and template files. I think I have a valid template file and other updates but have not looked at build processes yet. Hoping to have a separate page to have the kiosk target.