Visualize pathview on console

How do I view the gcode simulation on the Onefinity console?
I see it when I connect over the network.

I do not see it when connected to the controller directly via HDMI. I’m not using the touch screen, but a separate HDMI monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

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It will not display on the console.

This is actually a limitation of the RPi, and attempting to render the gcode simulation within the RPi’s browser. It’s fairly computationally intensive, so it’s my understanding it’s not displayed there for that reason. The same exists in a few other controller software packages which can be run on the RPi as well (CNCjs). But when you connect over the network, your host computer is then performing the rendering of the gcode simulation itself, and presumed to be more powerful and capable.

Hope this helps explain the “why”.

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That does help.thank you.

Keep in mind it is to not overload the controller rpi. The specific browser loaded on the controller may or may not render it well. That I don’t know.
What I do know is that I have a separate rpi connected to a monitor that auto loads the http://onefinity.local url in a chromium full screen browser on boot up. It displays the preview wonderfully. Let’s mee
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Thank you.

Daryl Coulthart

I just upgraded my touchscreen to a Elecrow 10.1 inch screen and was wondering the same question. Dang. Was hoping that along with the bigger touchscreen I’d be able to get the pathview loading as well.

It’s limited based on connection type - not screen size. So a larger screen won’t change anything as it’s still be rendered locally. Without tweaks, it’ll only load on a remote connection as-is.