What do i have to do to see the 3d image when I load the gcode

I have the onefinity journeyman in my shop but the computer with vcarve pro is in the house. what do I have to do to be able to see the 3d image on the controler screen wheni load a job to the controler to carve it? please be specific.thank you for your time

The raspberry pi computer in your controller is not capable of rendering the 3D view unfortunately.

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can the masso do this

Hey Robert, hey Nick,

you will see the Camotics.org 3D simulation, that is installed on Onefinity Controller, …

…when you connect the Onefinity Controller via network. You just need to open a web browser on the remote computer and depending on how the Onefinity Controller is connected to the network, you enter simply “http://onefinity.local” or the ip address that is shown on display that is on HDMI port of controller.

the Raspberry Pi 3B is capable to do this, but the necessary 3D graphics acceleration packages are not installed, and installing them would probably take too much RAM for displaying 3D graphics. However due to relevant hardware changes in Raspberry Pi 4, it is probable you will see the 3D simulation by default when Onefinity will switch to using Raspberry Pi 4 inside the Onefinity Controller.

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