Accessory Bundle

Hello, I decided to go a different route with some things after I received my machine a couple weeks ago. I have the following available:

-OneFinity 3 axis Touch Probe (brand new in box)
-Joystick XBox controller that OF sells (brand new in box)
-Suck It Pro (brand new in box)

Priced out on the website these come out to $218.66 plus shipping. I’d be willing to let them go for $190 shipped to the lower 48 in the US.

I also have the 10.8” touchscreen that was only used for the first day of playing with the machine. If you add that to the bunch I’d take $275 shipped.

I’d be interested in making separate bundles if someone really wants…I’d just rather not ship 4 separate packages lol.

Perfect for someone about to pull the trigger on a machine to save a few bucks!

My email is if someone really wants pictures or other questions.

Located in Indiana.


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How far are you from Indianapolis, I really don’t need the accessories, could keep it as a backup. if you don’t get a good offer let me know, I may pick it up. I’m by cicero,IN

I’m located in Fort Wayne

ok, I’ll check back with you in a week or so.