Onefinity controller for sale ( bought with Journeyman X-50) - never used

Brand new Onefinity (Buildbotics) controller for sale. Bought with a Journeyman X-50, but decided to go on another way, as I converted the Journeyman to Plasma cutter CNC and used an old Masso controller instead. So, my Onefinity controller was never used. I’ll ship it with a Breakout board adapter as a gift. U$330, Fedex shipping included.

If you are interested, email me ( for more details and pictures, if needed.

I also have a 80mm Spindle Mount (only works with Z-16 S slider), never used, retail price U$88 and selling for U$60, and a brand new (in the box) Onefinity wireless joypad, retail price U$46 and I’m selling for U$30

do you still have the control for sale ?

Yes, it is still available.

ok, like to buy it from you, what the best to contact you

Hi Brian, best way would be via email: If you need a WhatsApp number for direct contact, just ask me on a private email, please.