Acronyms what they mean?

Hope to find a complete list of all acronyms pertaining to cnc procedures to help me understand what they do and mean. Not sure where to start on my learning curve but thought that this info would be a place to begin! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Drew - welcome to the forums. Honestly, just when I think I have it nailed, something throws something new into the mix. Below are some of the most common:

DOC = depth of cut
FR = feed rate
mil - 1/1000"
SO = stepover or Shapeoko - your choice :wink:
SO2 = shapeoko 2
OF = Onefinity
BOM = bill of materials
CAD = computer aided design
CAM = computer aided machining
CNC = computer numeric control
UGS = universal gcode sender
WCS = work coordinate system
DXF = Drawing Interchange Format
SVG = scalable vector graphics
PNG = portable network graphics
PDF = portable document format
STEP = Standard for the Exchange of Product
IGES = Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
STL = Stereolithography file format
VRML = Virtual Reality Modeling Language
HPGL = Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language
3D = 3 dimensional
2.5D = 2 dimensional + Z
2D = 2 dimensional

Sadly that is all I can come up with ATM (=at the moment) [<- see what I did there?? ;)]


Very useful thank you… I’m still unclear exactly what STEP is about.

STEP is a file format to exchange CAD documents. It’s an official ISO standard (ISO 10303) and is supported by many CAD packages, including Fusion 360. In hobbyist world, DXF is more popular as an exchange format.

Do not confuse it with the Onefinity’s stepper motors. A stepper motor divides a rotations in a number of steps, allowing precise control of the position.

So the “step-angle” option in the controller settings refers to the later, not to the file format. From the Buildbotics’ manual:

The step-angle entry box sets the step angle in degrees that the motor turns with each full motor step.

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