Add me to the spindle family

Well, my machine should arrive in approximately 53 days according to the web site but this baby will arrive the week of 12/14. I’m excited and nervous to wire it up and have it programmed when the assembly of the new OF takes place.


I looked at the specs to see if the collet could handle a 1/2 inch bit. I didn’t see where it could. Did I miss something???

I just bought this and started a thread about it on FB the other day. It can only go up to 1/4. It comes with a few metric collets but you can get some 1/8 and 1/4 collets from amazon.

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Thank you for responding. I have committed to a trim router for now but the next one will be a spindle…


Any word on Spindle mount? Is the Makita a 65mm router?

Makita is 65mm diameter

PERFECT… placing my order.


Did you have any success with using this spindle? I am curious to know if I can control the spindle speed during carving, using Carbide Create?

Troy, I have not received my spindle shipment yet. It just left China 2 days ago shipping via FedEx.

10-4, eagerly curious to see how it works

Me too. I ordered it on 12/3 and it was to ship immediately. Its been on back-order and they promised to ship it on the 27th which they did. For the delay they are sending a ful set of collets for the spindle which I am OK with.