Adding iCloud access to the OneFinity controller

Has anyone been able to add iCloud access to the OneFinity (BuildBotics) controller? I currently use a Mac or PC to move files from iCloud to OneFinity over my WIFI net,but would like to be able to do it directly from the OneFinity controller using its download button.

Hmm. I also use iCloud but use a Mac laptop running Safari. I take it you are wanting to just use the touch screen? I don’t have touch screen. Does it allow you to use it as a browser and go to Then you could download the file to the local storage then switch back to the Onefinity UI and load it.

When you say “download button” are you talking about the file button that is below the jog controls?

For the Onefinity controller to access iclould you would have to add software to it I think. I had a quick look and didn’t see anything that looked easy. Apple doesn’t make an official client for Linux.

It’s a feature I would love as well and I would support the request.
There is no official client from Apple but they are packages, such as PyiCloud that revert-engineered the Apple protocol. Yet in the absence of an official client, the feature could turn into a maintenance nightmare for 1F.

Hi, Atroz and Ben, and thanks for responding. Yes, I want to be able to download a file from iCloud using the touch screen instead of a laptop. I could use the touchscreen browser to log into iCloud and download files, but what I’d like is to have iCloud appear as a folder to the 1F browser so I don’t first have to download to local storage and then load into 1F with the button below the jog controls.

I see that there is a way to add iCloud to Raspberry Pi systems using a command line, but can’t figure out how to get to the Terminal/Command Console on the controller.

You can SSH in to a shell on the Onefinity from another machine. What software are you looking to install? When I had a quick look I found nothing that would provide you with the ability to mount a filesystem from iCloud. All that I found were various programs using the API. That won’t do what you want.

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Hi, Atroz, and thanks for replying.

I was hoping to install iCloud on the controller using these instructions or something similar.

It says, "On a Raspberry Pi running the latest version of Raspbian, snap can be installed directly from the command line. I just can’t figure out how to get access to the command line on the OneFinity controller.

Did using SSH not work?

I also found this from onefinity: Using the keyboard, hold down the Control key and press the “t” key followed by the “c” key. (Control-t, Control-c) This should open up a new terminal window.

Hi, Atroz,

I didn’t have a chance to experiment yesterday, what with Mothers Day and another project taking precedence. But I’ll try later today with both SSH and the approach you provided.

I appreciate your help.



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I tried getting in with SSH using the username I set and the “buildbotics” password, but keep getting a dialog telling me the password is incorrect. When I called Buildbotics to ask about it, they told me 1F doesn’t use their controller (even though the 1F user manual says they do). So now I’m not sure what to do. Do you know the correct SSH login credentials?

Our controller is BASED off of Buildbotics open source code. They do not make, maintain, or build our controllers. We do it in house.

username: bbmc
password: onefinity

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