Trouble uploading files when using iPhone or iPad browser (Solved, comment in post)

Hey team. I was wondering if anyone has tried to upload a file to the controller using the safari browser on your iPhone or iPad. It seems like every time I try to do it that way it never lets me select the file to upload. I end up having to do it via my desktop computer.

Anyone else experience that?

Maybe nobody has had the issue… Can anyone confirm that it has worked or is working for them?

how are you getting your design files to your ipad/iphone? Curious, because you cannot create them on it, so you’d be moving them from the computer, to the ipad, to the controller. Wondering why include the ipad in the chain?

Great question. Basically, I design the files on my MacBook Pro and save the gcode to my iCloud Drive. Then, when I’m ready to do the cut, sometimes hours later, I use my iPhone to connect to the Onefinity and then upload selecting from my iCloud Drive that is also accessible from my iPhone. Much more convenient if I can just upload from my phone and not have to open up my laptop and connect that way. Laptop and Onefinity are usually on opposite ends of my house. Hope that makes sense. The problem is the files are not selectable when using my phone. Using the laptop I can choose the files from the exact same location.

That makes sense.
I think it may be an iphone/ipad file system incompatibility.

Just seen this question. I have tried this with no luck as well. I use Windows to do any design work, but also use iCloud to store my files. I then grab my iPad when in my workshop, and have been unable to load the files to the Onefinity through the iPad. I have tried from iCloud and also tried downloading the files to my iPad and then loading. Neither works for me.

Thanks for sharing your experience too. Good to know I’m not the only one. :slight_smile:

I don’t see why it would be a file incompatibility. iCloud Drive is just like Dropbox or any other file storing cloud service. It saves the file in whatever format you create and save it in. Uploading it should just be like selecting the file from a USB stick.

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OK. I finally got tired of not being able to upload files using my iPhone. Again, the reason I want to do this is that a lot of the time, I design one day, and decide to cut another day. It’s convenient to be able to upload the file from my phone when I’m out in the shop and not have to run into the house to grab the laptop.

GOOD NEWS! I dug into the issue and I found the problem and have a workaround. There is an issue with the <input type=“file”/> element on iOS. Its a problem with the core system as it handles those input elements using the OS and not the browser app. Anyway, there are a series of file extensions that are supposed to be accepted:


This is the list passed into the above mentioned HTML element. There apparently is an issue with iOS to where it will only accept the first element. Not sure that’s exactly it, but that seems to be the symptoms from what I’ve seen online.

Anyway, through testing, I’ve found that if you save your gcode file with a .txt extension, it all works just fine from the iphone/ipad.

Hope this helps those like me that use this workflow. Good luck and happy CNCing!!!


That is awesome. I was disappointed for the iOS crowd because I solely use my phone (android) for interacting with the gcode files (hold for a few minor exceptions where I finish something on my computer and upload it right there.

I changed the .nc to .txt and still cannot load files with my iPhone. I cans see the files in Dropbox (I’ve even saved local to phone in case it was a drop box thing). No luck. I can see the files but they are greyed out.

Any other fixes or workarounds?

I know this is old, but i just came across it. Does IOS allow renaming files in the following way, and could that be problem: ==>, or