Can't upload via web interface

I have GCode created by Fusion 360 on my laptop that I want to upload to my controller. My laptop is 4 feet away from my controller, and the wifi signal is strong. When I click on the upload file icon, it opens up the modular window to select the file, and I do. However, it never opens anything.

I was able to upload a file previously. I’m on firmware v1.0.9. Please advise.

Welcome to the forum. It is a great place.

What is the file extension? Maybe you do not have a gcode file? The files with a .f3d are Fusion model files but not a toolpath file. You need a file produced by the postprocessor for Onefinity.

The file extension is .nc.

It eventually did upload, but took forever (about 2-3 minutes, a time that’s usually about 2-3 seconds).

My guess is wifi that the signal to the controller is very week if it’s taking that long. move the router/extender closer to the controller.