Add'l answers needed in the Recommendations page

The “What do we recommend?” FAQ is a great help. Thanks for that, and thanks to the support
team for pointing me to it.

However, some of the options have multiple choices that could use a brief overview, accompanied
by product links to add to the shopping cart or for additional detail:

At the moment, I’m clicking link after link to find out what I need and get a total for my prospective purchase. The additions below would make the process a lot easier!

Guidelines for major selection choices:

  1. Frame: Secure from beneath or from above? Which works best with the rolling stand? (no link for this one, as it also needs to match your machine. But need to know which version to get.)
  2. Bits: 3 sets to choose from on the Accessories page, & 6-more individual bits.(needs a comparison of the sets, and a link to an “individual bits” page).
  3. Joystick: Wired or Unwired? When does it make sense to save $10. When doesn’t it?)
  4. Dust Boot: Pro or Basic boot? Infinite Kit?
  5. T-Track clamps vs. Threaded Inserts: (Depends on which wasteboard, yes? So what are the plusses and minuses of the T-track option and the aftermarket Threaded Insert option?)
  6. T-Track Clamps: Small set or large set? (Depends on size of project? Thickness of stock?. Mine is 3/4 x 24 x 24.)

Other things needed on that page:

  1. Cable extensions for controller: When would those be a good idea?
  2. Any Surface Leveler (sounds like a good idea, for me)
  3. What kind of vacuum capability is needed for decent dust collection? (needed to evaluate aftermarket choices.)
  4. On/Off switch vs. Emergency Stop switch (they’re among the spare parts. Are they replacements? Or are they needed?)

Additional “nice to have” info: (when are these a good idea? choices?)

  1. Vacuum Hose Boom
  2. Light Ring
  3. Riser Blocks

You’re charging for Onefinity labels? Really? One video says they’re not on the machine, which is fine. But adding a few seems like a marketing investment, to me. :__)