Advantages of standalone laser

Deciding on whether to get the add on jtech laser for 1F or standalone. What are the main advantages of the standalone models?

I don’t have a laser but I would think one advantage is that you can laser something while routing something else at the same time.

I have a Woodworker along with a Jtech Laser
A lot of products we make a drinks coasters and cutting boards of various shapes and sizes with some standard laser lettering and some personalisation along with bits of corporate brand stuff.

The Jtech works really well I use Lightburn software and the results are great in fact I am sat typing this as the Onefinity lasers some items we have just sold on Etsy

Advantages are 1 machine one footprint 1 extract system

Disadvantages While your lasering you cant cut and the other main factor is the lasering speed due to the size and weight of the Z assembly on the Onefinity the feed rate on the laser is a lot slower than that of some dedicated laser machines.

I recently purchased a stand alone laser which i am in the process of setting up drop in jigs so i can do several products at a time the Z assembly is basically just the laser and a simple clamp thereby reducing the size and weight meaning it can user much much higher feed rates

Do I regret buying the Jtech no I don’t it gave me a chance to expand my product range
Will I now sell my Jtech no I won’t its a useful back up and also allows me to do large items and if I have already machined a stock of blanks I then have 2 lasers to work with

In summary I guess it depends on what you want to laser, if you want to engrave or cut and what sort of size and quantities you want to produce and if its hobby or commercial

There are as many arguments for a stand alone as not