Air line in drag chain

Trying to install the air line in my elite drag chain for the 24 laser.

First attempt didn’t go well,crushing the silicone hose in too many places. It’s difficult to organize the chain contents in some places.

Ordered some flexible PVC tubing to try, thinking it won’t crush and I can mess with things to get it closed up.

I’ve got everything else in the chain, I’d hate to have the air hose needing an entirely separate solution.

Any thoughts?

Use a better tubing. PU - Polyurethane (like Superthane, Surethane, Kuritec, etc.). Silicone kinks way too easily - it’s also a really bad idea for spindle cooling.

Never heard those terms. Just ordered a couple options to try. Thank you.

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Try pressurizing it before you put it in. It should resist kinks. Just watch out how much pressure you use. Some tubing will look good at first but it’ll expand.

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Just don’t use it. Polyurethane is the correct choice for air delivery. It’s also cheap AF.

After a few attempts I wasn’t happy with the Y chain, which has an extra cable in it that the X doesn’t. None of the tubing I tried worked well, impacting the functionality of the chain. Currently, I have it still in the X chain, only because I was lazy and figured I’d leave it in to test it for a while. Either way, I guess I’ll be using a standard suspended solution like everyone else.

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I agree the Y chain is packed full already.

Have you considered not using it and come out the x chain and use a cable clamp to “hold it” in place? Allow for enough breathing room for the hose to slide up and down it with enough slack to move x front to back

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That’s actually how I have it now. Not intentionally, though. I was just so done with opening, routing, packing, closing those chains I never did the X and it seems to be OK with the hose in it. So now it’s just goes to the ceiling. Haven’t gotten the laser working yet, so I have no feedback yet.