Alternative Controllers

Now that ordering a mechanical only 1F is an option I was wondering what other controllers can use stall homing.

I don’t know of any other controllers that do stall homing. I think I saw on the web page that if you order without their controller, you’ll have to source and buy your own limit switches for other controllers.

This is all in the driver, and of course the controller software would need to accommodate. The CNC-xPRO-V5 GRBL uses Trinamic motion drivers, which do support stall detection (StallGuard2). But… the xPro software isn’t fully supporting it yet, as it’s still in the works. I haven’t researched many others, as I didn’t want to depend on stall homing anyway.

As @ACNailedit said, simply add some homing switches (either mechanical, optical, or proximity) on each axis. X/Y are very easy - I’m still figuring out a “clean” design for Z.

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That’s what I thought. I will stick with the original controller for the time being.

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