CNC xPro_V5 Controller?

Rookie mistake, but I bought a FoxAlien 4040-xe CNC 4 months ago and compounded that mistake by sinking funds into expanding it’s size and switching to a 2hp VFD water-cooled spindle. Last month, I bought the CNC xPro_v5 control box and really like it. Pretty impressive specs/features and the 32bit GRBL port is awesome!

I’m ever so close to pulling the trigger on the Woodworker X-50, but this being a hobby purchase months after the previous purchases, I’m mentally hoping for an extra kick. Looks like the spindle and CNC xPro_v5 were simply “pre-purchased” for the X-50 :grinning:

I saw mention of the OpenBuilds black box and how it didn’t offer more than the OF controller while losing homing. The xPro_v5 allows sensorless homing and StallGuard modes and my VFD Spindle works well with it. I can use my tablet and wireless game controller with this set-up but tend to use my laptop. I have the OpenBuild XYZ 3 wire probe and 40w/10w output Laser all working well.

It’s unlikely but anyone using OF AND CNC xPro_V5? Any insight?

CNC xPro_v5 Specs:

  • 24v - 15 Amp Input Power Fuse
  • Built-in Heatsink & Temperature Controlled Cooling Fan


  • Control up to 4 coordinated axes (XYZA)
  • Each axis can have 1 or 2 motors each for a total of 8 motors
  • Dual motors axes can optionally auto square using a home switch and independent control for each motor.
  • Motor drivers can be dynamically assigned to axes, so a 4 motor XYZA controller could be converted to a XYYZ (dual motor Y axis) without any hardware changes.
  • Step rates up to 120,000 per/second.
  • Up to 1/256 Micro stepping (Defaulted to 1/8 for higher Torque).
  • Trinamic (SPI controlled) stepper motors are supported including StealthChop, CoolStep and StallGuard modes.
  • Sensorless homing can be used.

## Peripherals

  • Limit/Homing Switches with debouncing
  • Up to 24v 5A switched output for coolant devices such as 24v DC pumps, solenoids, contactors, or Solid State Relays
  • Configurable Relay for generic use cases (Plasma trigger, Coolant Pumps, Spindle control, etc)
  • Configurable Macro input
  • Z Probe (XYZ)
  • Safety Door Switch


  • PWM
  • RS485 Modus
  • DAC (analog voltage) 0-10V
  • Relay Based
  • RC type Brushless DC motors using low cost BESCs
  • Laser PWM with power/speed compensation
  • Easy to create custom spindles


  • USB/Serial
  • Bluetooth/Serial Creates a virtual serial port on your phone or PC. Standard serial port applications can use Bluetooth. WIFI
  • Creates its own access point or connects to yours.
  • Built in web server. The server has full featured CNC control app that will run on your phone or PC in a browser. No app required. Telnet sending of gcode
  • Push notifications (like…job done, get a text/email)
  • OTA (over the air) firmware upgrades.
  • SD card (Gcode can be saved, loaded, and run via WIFI)


The xPro-V5 is fully backward compatible with GRBL and can use all gcode senders.


  • Easy to map pins to any functions.
  • Custom machines can be designed without touching the main code.
  • Custom initialization
  • Kinematics
  • Custom homing
  • Tool changer sequences
  • Button macros (run gcode sequence, etc.)
  • Custom end of Job sequence
  • RTOS Real time operating system allows background monitoring and control without affecting motion control performance
  • Fast boot