Alternative to Suckit or PWN Dust Boot

I recently ordered an X-50 Journeyman, but I did not order the Suckit or PWN dust boot. After reading several posts on the subject, some did not like the way these boots mounted to brackets and are prone to damage from collision with work material and/or clamps. The alternative is a dust boot that mounts to the router… such as the Dustimator and I believe the KentCNC as well.

A few posts that I found on the subject favored the router mounted dust boot designs… So, before I pull the trigger and order one, does anyone here have an opinion on which design is the best, and is there any issue with adding the additional load to the z-axis via the router mounted boot?


In my application using the Onefinity - I did not like the router/spindle mounted dust boot mostly because on projects where you are cutting a deeper pocket like 1.5 inches or more you would run out of travel on the bristles and hit the plastic housing and/or as you cut deeper the bristle pressure against the workpiece could affect the angle of the spindle. For me and the projects I create a dust boot that remains at a constant height relative to the workpiece was better than one that moved up and down.

Ultimately I ended up creating my own out of plywood to use a 4" connection to the dust collector system, in hindsight 4" was likely unnecessary and a 2 or 2.5" connection would have been sufficient.

Ah… very good point. I didn’t think about the case where you have a deep cut and how that would jamb the bristles into the work piece. Thanks for that info!

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Not an easy subject. I prefer the suckit, zslider mounted spindle; suction good, visibility good, no crushed brushes (and inflight adjustment). See below

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I agree with Andy and Derek - I’ve owned dust shoes attached to the router and I like the frame mounted ones better. The router attached ones are they are better at dust collection when cutting deeper, but if you are not careful, they may hit your work piece or clamps. I have a lot of experience with that, and I won’t go back :wink: