Another "Bright" idea from RowdyRoman (LED Router Light)

As the title suggests @RowdyRoman has pulled a new item out of his bag of tricks… this time it’s a super helpful LED ring that goes around the Makita Router and mounts using the existing router clamp.

Peter approached me a few months ago to see if I’d run his new invention through the paces, at first I was thinking I have great LED overhead lights above my OneFinity as well as over 500,000lm of LED’s in my 20’x35’ shop so its like a sunny day at the beach when I flip that switch… why do I need more light. But I wanted, if nothing else, to help a buddy out and give my honest feedback/opinion on his new toy.

Much to both my delight & surprise, it’s amazing how much of a shadow still existed under my router and I quickly realized that all along I was kind of turning my head at different angles to really get a good look at my work piece (especially with the SuckIt Dust boot attached). WOW what a difference… after about 7minutes to remove the screw, slip the LED ring up the router, re-attach the screw, make sure the Router was still plumb and then route the power cord down my vac hose I was done. Flipped the switch and BOOM… had a; “where have you been all my life moment”. I can honestly say I don’t see myself ever not kicking that switch ON for EVERY carve.

Few notes I wanted to share: First off, Yes Peter did give me a unit to evaluate and provide my HONEST feedback on. As many you know if you read my stuff I’m pretty “Open Honest & Direct” so there were no punches to be held if it sucked… and he knew that going in.
Secondly, I worked back and forth with him to hone the product to what I think he would agree is a better place and after a few mods this thing is really awesome. Peter reinforced the mounting system, beefed up the support arm and even thought through how he could service his customers should the LED ring ever fail… to think through an easy way to replace it. We tried just that, with no instructions needed, I tore it down, put it back together (using the same LED as it was still good) and reinstalled in literally 4 minutes.

Peter told me he will have 50 units ready by end of this month (April) for those who are interested. He is selling them around the $50 price point and they come with the Ring, all mounting parts, a power supply and plenty of cord to route it anywhere on the machine, up the dust hose and well onto the ground with cord to spare. I’m sure his listing will have the exact specs.

Again, thanks to Peter for the opportunity to test this out and provide my feedback back to y’all. Hope it helps illuminate you day. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :cowboy_hat_face:


Now the show & tell…


I love the led ring! I had another dust boot on my Shapeoko that had led lighting and it is nice. I have another question though, where did you get the clips for your vacuum hose that attach to your Z motor? That is something I need! Thanks


You will find that on his etsy shop CNC Accessories Ortur Laser Camera Mounts And More by RowdyRoman

Yes, as Ghislain mentioned they are availalbe on his Etsy shop, he has 2 different versions. The one on my machine now which has 2 clamp points and a prior version that just has one in the front. To be honest I prefer the single point version as it allowed the hose to tip forward a bit more when I was not using the suckit boot but still had the vac hose running. Not sure that makes sense but just having the hose “dangle” down gives me better than nothing suction while still seeing my workpiece 100% clearly.

The second clip on the new one holds the hose tighter (which for many folks is probably preferred) but in doing so pulls it down in the back which flips the hose end 2-3" further up and away from my work piece.

Those other clips along the hose were ones I designed and printed up pretty quickly.


That looks great Alex. Though I do have to wonder how many screens you need for one machine (I might be a little jealous) :wink:


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Here we go!!! Here is the new product!!! An LED Light that fits your 65mm router or spindle!!! The first 50 are available on sale just follow the link. Shipping will start May 6th


Just ordered mine!
Since I’ve added a power cord to my drag chain so the router can be removed & used away from the 1F, I’m hoping to be able to piggy back the LED plug to it. Both will then be activated via the IOT relay.

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Great to hear Phil… you will love this thing.

Might I make one point of consideration, I was originally on the “wire this to my breakout board train” myself. After using it for a month now, I find that I leave it on post and pre carve as well as it lights up the waste board even more than my overhead 5,000 lumen LED.

Again, just a thought but I do find it helpful in aligning my stock etc. pre-carve and if you put it on PIN15 you’re only going to get light when the OF executes the M3 command.

Hope that helps!

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Very good point and worth much more consideration. I was imagining how convenient it would be to have it automated.
Just having the greater visibility will be big plus though.

Hi guy’s I did one a couple of months a go myself and I am always using it when you will love it if you get it . I plug mine on the IOT relay on the normally on circuit so when I am changing bits the lights are On and as soon the router goes On , the lights goes off, I am not using it to film so I dont mind if it is of when its cutting. or a small micro switch can be used so you could decide when On or Off.

I really recommend you get one it is a nice addition.