Led lights on makita

I guy’s I did a small mod to my Onfinity ,I added some leds light to the Makita router. Give me your tought on it.


It looks great - functional as well. Did you 3D print the ring, add an LED strip inside it, print a wire mount, add an on/off toggle switch? Where did you run the wires to power the light strip?

Awesome work Yvon!

Looks amazing and really nice to see what your working on bright & clear. I find myself always chasing the shadows, this fixes that for good. Did you make a light ring or is it individual LED’s in some sort of holder?

Curious how you approached the build. :slight_smile:


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I got the leds from amazon https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B078Y6MFNB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
and i 3D printed a ring to fit the Makita , the led comes with double side tape so it is easy to fit to the printed ring I use a small toggle switch and ran the wires with the router that I tape with black electric tape.

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Where did the wires terminate for powering the LEDs?

I am using an old 12 volts power supply I add laying around the shop, and plug it in the Iot power bar

Thank you, and thank you for sharing your innovation.

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Thanks Yvon - looks like a great upgrade. In looking at your setup, it looks like you have a custom dust boot? I’m curious how you remove it since the hose is on the back. I’ve actually noticed a tiny bit of deflection on my z-axis with the hose hanging from the front if the brushes are not pushed all the way to the material.


Its a PWnCNC dust boot that I 3D printed, What I like from it is the hose is at the back so I don’t kneed to remove it to replace a bit , and if I want to remove it there is some magnet like the Suckit easey to remove

Which version dust boot did you print? Also, do you have to buy their brackets, or did you make your own version?
Thank you,

I have the V3 , and Daniel at PWNcnc just got the bracket out this weekend

Thank you. May I ask, did you buy the Suckit boot from OF to get you started, then decided to purchase this one? Am asking because I am curious as to your thoughts on how their performance/use compares.

I can not comment on the Suckit boot from OF , I did not ordered with my cnc I ad to do something during the wait time, and I like the idea of the vacuum hose going to the back of the machine and ad to much free time :grin:

I can relate to all you have said.

Very nice Yvon well done

That is amazingly fantastic! I see that on my future. Problem is no 3D printer as of yet! That ring setup is such a good idea. Well done!

You don’t need to print the ring to receive the led you cant just put a couple of drop of hot glue
here is the link for the ligths

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Awesome Work.
I love things that make my machines look better and are also practical. Yvon, are you also sharing the 3d print files for the ring?

Not for now because I have to refind the design , it needs some tweaking.

I appreciate the response T

hank You