Anyone in Fort Worth area

So I’m new to CNC machine. I purchased the Vcarve pro. Is there anyone in the North Tx area that would be free for lessons ? I not looking for free.


Sorry, in SE Alabama but if no one is available here is what I suggest. Gett on the Vectric forum, run through the various tutorials from Vectric, and then if there is something leaving you scratching your head ask here or on their forum.

Be prepared to break a few bits. Learning is just that way.

Oh, and don’t try to eat that whole elephant in one bite. Do some simple projects and work your way up.

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lI live in Denison TX, north west of you. I’m on the TX OK border on US 75. I can arrange a peer to peer network screen share with you and we can go over some basics while we speak on the phone if that interest you.

That would be awesome. I have to replace a bolt that stripped out when I was adjusting the router. I’m going on the hunt Monday.

I’m in west texas, (big spring) about 280 miles west. feel free if you need to come on over.

Layne Mims

I’m in argyle I’d be available to give you a quick tutorial in vcarve pro and the basics of the OF CNC

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That would be great! I will reach out next week once I get the bolt fixed. Thanks.

I’m up in Sherman TX (on Lake Texoma), we’ve got Texas represented for sure. :cowboy_hat_face:


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I would suggest you watch use YouTube and find “Mark Lindsay CNC”. He has in the area of 50 videos on how to use Vectric software. I believe you made a good choice in software.


Check out marklindsaycnc on YouTube. He has a series on Vectric For The Absolute Beginner. I think there are 51 videos in the playlist. Mark is a great instructor. Check it out, it is worth it. Paul