Woodworker Training (Quad Cities- Eastern Iowa)

I have a chance to buy a new Woodworker CNC with VCarve software and looking for any local assistance-knowledge before I purchase. Eastern Iowa around Davenport or Bettendorf,Ia area would be ideal. Thx

What are you looking to do? You want to see a woodworker? I have had mine a year and I use Vcarve Pro.

I would like to see and discuss one in operation. I am mostly concerned about the software and if I can actually do the programming. In a nutshell just trying to gather as much knowledge I can before purchasing unit. Thanks Don

Programming comes with training and experience. Get the trial version while you are waiting and dive in. Watch videos from good trainers and program along with them. You must put effort into this learning process if you want to get the most out of your machine. This is the only way you can go from knowing nothing to knowing what you need to know. Then you will be rewarded with accomplishment.


Don, I am willing to show you my machine. I live in Eldridge. Email me at toad.head@yahoo.com. I will be off work until the 2nd of January.

Both of these gentlemen were kind enough to let us check out their equipment. Anyone else near or in the Quad Cities that would allow us to see their equipment? Thx Don