Anyone in Toronto(Ontario) with a Z16 assembly to sell?

I sold my Z16 assembly just now, but there is another buyer I had in Toronto that wanted one as well. They don’t need the spindle mount.

If you have one I could put you in touch.

I felt bad for them and am trying to help them out.

Is this the whole slider and router mount, or just the router mount itself? I have the router mount I don’t use

Thank you for reaching out. It is the Z assembly (frame, ball screw/nut, 16mm rods). The 65mm and 80mm mounts we have.

hi i have one email me

Thank you for reaching out. I sent a message to the person who missed out on mine, and will see if in the meantime they purchased a different Z assembly option.

If they are still interested, may I share your email with them, so that you both can continue the discussion?

In case you did not get my most recent email a few days ago, I wanted to know if the assembly you are selling includes the motor and a spindle (65 or 80mm) mount?

Thank you,


Hi Tom,

No it doesn’t include the meteor and spindle mount. Sorry.

I could include the motor and 65mm motor mount for $100. Total for everything is $375.

Let me know if you would like it as I have someone else interested.


Appreciate the reply.

I have reached out to the other person with the pricing and asked if I can pass on his email to you. I will do that when he gets back to me - if it sells before that no problem - timing is everything.

no problem, he’s free to email me directly as well.


For sure, I just wanted to respect each of your privacy.

In the meanwhile, he just got back from holiday and replied to the information.

He thanks you, but will pass and look for other options for his build.

I appreciate you trying to help him out - he does as well.

Best wishes for the pending sale.