Anyone remember Logo / Turtle Graphics?

I’ve got most of the drawing operations implemented now in pygdk and starting to playing around with some widely distributed examples. Drawing with pens for now – will start cutting once I have a bit more confidence that neither I nor the code are going to do anything overly stupid.

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Another one, this time in real-time:

(Edit to add github link)

…and one more showing interaction with the pen changer. Yes, the post on the pen changer is about to break off – this is what happens when you crash into it too many times during testing =) – working on a breakaway mount in coordination w/ @Bob_D to solve that problem.

This example also shows an interesting opportunity to pick up efficiency by grouping all of the segments in a given color together. It’s fun to watch the machine switch colors over and over, but it would cut down on runtime and wear&tear if I drew everything in each individual color before moving on to the next instead of just running the entire design in turtle-order.

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I learned programming in Logo. Baby duck syndrome means that I have kept a fondness for functional languages.

The turtle was fun too.

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