Anyone using PaperStone

Greetings, I have my 1F on order and am going to have it around mid August. I have been using this time to study different applications to use for CAD/CAM as well as brainstorming what kind of projects I want to do. One thing I was considering was to make some things out of PaperStone.

I went searching and couldn’t locate any information regarding feeds and speeds for this product. Does anyone else use this? Or how about any other super dense materials? Any general tips for milling dense materials?

I would treat it like MDF and the fabrication guide on the website is informative on how it handles:

Thanks for that guide. I have not seen it before now and it is helpful. I knew it would be somewhat similar to MDF, with the difference being the density. After I get my 1F and have a chance to do some work with it, I’ll try to document my findings for anyone interested.


Looks like some interesting stuff. Let’s know how it goes. Certainly seems like MDF settings will work; lest we confuse hardness with density :slight_smile: