Anyone using these Speed setters?

Think you would only need to set Z 0 the first bit - one time, then just change the bits. Would work well if your first pass took off all / most of the material surface and you have nothing to Zero your next bit to?
Wondering if anyone uses these?
This comes with a tool to ensure the stops are all installed at the same depth!
Let me know your thoughts?

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Just got them yesterday. I will be trying them out soon.

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Criss Powell as a nice video on it on Youtube

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Please leave us your review!

That is where I found out about them…
Here is a link to the video for others…


Oh, those are neat… I’ll be adding those to my Christmas list.

Have a chance to try them?

Not yet… been working on 3D projects.

I haven’t tried them myself, but you’d probably want to make sure that the bit is rated for the cutting length. I know that it’s often best to have as much of the shank in the collet as possible to reduce torsion on the bit. Not sure if there’s a good way to configure them all to exactly the same length, or to set exact cutting lengths that could be an offset in the cam software/PP. just my 2 cents. Let us know how it goes!

The set they sell comes with a “jig” that ensures all the lengths are the same when installed…

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