Recommended Bit Set Tool Database Settings

Are there tool database listings for the bits sold as the recommend bit sets? I have been looking for this info for a few days and am having a hard time finding exact info on these. I have read several threads on how to measure and put this info as a new tool but that is still very confusing to me on what the different settings actually do. Any help here to demystify this would be very appreciated. More specifically stepover and stepdown settings and how that effects the plunge and feed rates? Also how does it determine flute length as this seems to be auto calculated?

Is the stepdown the amount of flute length the machine is set to plunge per pass and the plunge rate is how fast it does that? And is the step over the percentage of the total bits diameter per pass or is it a percentage measured from the center of the bit and then the feed rate is how fast this is done? And finally from what I understand the quality of the bits and the material they are made from depends on how much these numbers can be pushed?

Still looking for clarification or insight on this issue. I have been playing around with stepover and stepdown adjustments and have found that by allowing more of the bit to move by adjusting these settings the speed of the carves and cuts go up as the detail goes down. I took a 10hr detail carve and got it down to 3hrs moving these settings around and the test carve didnt look much different than the slower one. I am sure there is some best of both worlds but finding that seems difficult. I am looking for more optimum ways of getting more cutting speed and maintaining detail. Many of the bits sold online (cheap bits) do not give info on complete specs on what the bits can handle or what the optimal settings would be.