Ascii g_code/ binary g_code?

Tried to do a topo file today, roughing carve went well, but the finishing carve skipped some areas, the spindle just avoided two rectangular areas. Wondering if the fact that I loaded binary g_code into the controller gave the controller the skippies?
Tried searching the forum but came up with zip.

Hey Tony

Only ever seen g-code files as plain text files (editable in things such as Notepad). Are you using the correct Post Processor for the Onefinity CNC?

Cheers … Dave

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Hey Tony,

what do you mean? There exist no binary g-code.

@alph,Ach my bad, the STL code that a topo converting software I am using offers the code in STL Binary, or STL ASCII.
In my hasty wonderment I downloaded the file in Binary and it came into Easel no problem and could be manipulated as far as size Z ratio etc. when I downloaded it into 1F the roughing code worked well but the finishing code skipped some areas.
I apologize for the misnomer but am left to wonder If :the fact that I brought it into easel caused problems,