Asked GPT a question

Thinking about 1F’s ability to read and react to current draw by the steppers when homing, thought about using the ability for tracing a pattern. Aske chat GPT and this is it’s answer

Given that at least one cnc brand (Onefinity) has the ability to detect current draw increases from the axis stepper motors, would it be possible or practical to use this capability to follow a wood pattern / template to set up a repeatable cut path?

Yes, it is possible and practical to use current draw increases from the axis stepper motors to follow a wood pattern or template and set up a repeatable cut path. This technique is commonly referred to as “cutting by current.”

When a stepper motor is working harder, it draws more current, and this increase in current can be detected by the CNC controller. By monitoring the current draw, the controller can determine if the cutter is encountering more resistance, which could indicate that it’s cutting into a harder area of the material or deviating from the desired path.

To use this technique, you would need to create a template of the desired cut path on the material, either by drawing it or using a pre-existing pattern. Then, you would perform a test cut with a low feed rate and monitor the current draw. As the cutter encounters the pattern, the current draw will increase, and the controller can record the position where the increase occurred. This process is repeated at higher feed rates until the desired cutting speed is achieved, and the controller has a precise map of the material’s surface.

Once the map is complete, the controller can use it to guide the cutter along the desired path, compensating for any deviation by adjusting the feed rate or cutter speed. This technique is especially useful when working with irregular or curved surfaces, as it allows for precise and repeatable cuts that follow the contours of the material.

It’s worth noting that not all CNC machines have the ability to detect current draw increases, and even those that do may require some additional hardware or software to implement this technique. However, if your machine does support cutting by current, it can be an incredibly powerful tool for creating precise and repeatable cuts.

How about it Onefinity, raise the platform once again???

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Hey Tony,

Onefinity does not read and react to current draw when homing. Stall homing works this way.

It’s true that the little TinyAVR on the AVR mainboard senses current draw, but it is not used by stall homing.


Hey Tony, isn’t there a beautiful piece of wood that waits for you to machine it? :wink:

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Keep in mind, GPT isn’t thinking, its regurgitating things it has been trained on, in an interpreted context.
Just because what it outputs reads coherently, doesn’t imply it is factually correct.


Hey Alph, was just running a flattening routine on the table, then will do a lump of maple I have in mind.
But hey, have had a few good ideas in my life, including a few inventions (only one patent tho’) and for every good idea I have ever had have had many hundred ideas that were not so good. Am quite happy with that ratio.


Hey Tony,

a lot of things can be done that most users would not think of. It is possible to find out the password you type into your smartphone by spying out its orientation and acceleration sensors from a web page you left open the other day.

Nice question and idea! And here I am thinking that me asking it “do fish get thirsty?” was clever and worthwhile. I should really come up with something more productive to do in my spare time o_O


100% of the output from ChatGPT is BS. 100% garbage generated in language designed to fool non-experts.

And none of this is new.

Do a google search for nearly anything and you’ll get authoritative-sounding/looking results from a dozen or more web sites you’ve never heard of. They’re all programmatically generated and all contain the same type of nonsense. Product reviews that are anything but, recipes, you name it, and it’s out there along with a fake by-line containing a stock photo of the supposed author.

Interesting that people who are spending their time and money to tell computers what actions they want a tool to do, then standing back while the computer tells the tool to do a series of actions, seem quite hesitant to accept AI.

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Hey Tony,

it’s wrong to call it “AI” (artificial intelligence). What it is, is machine learning, which means finding patterns on a limited set of data, without any intelligence at work. When you consider this, you know that it’s good for a number for things, but not more.

Aiph, you are quite right, when I took a course in C language, (1990 +/-) the instructor always referred to ai as Machine Learning.
I wanted to know what size hole to drill for a 5mm tap in aluminum and it came back with 7.5mm, I took the time to tell it that it was wrong and why, took about 4 iterations to agree with me.
Next day I tested it with an oddball SAE hole & tap and it nailed it.

Hey Tony,

so no danger of Eliza effect here :slight_smile:

So now you’ve got me and my retired microbiologist lady looking up the Elisa test,it was not on her radar when she retired 20+ yrs ago, not sure how it relates here???

Hey Tony,

the other day an engineer was put on administrative leave when he came to the conclusion that the chatbot he worked with was sentient. What I meant was, as long as GPT tells that much bullshit, no danger for someone to think there are higher consciousness functions like intelligence present :slight_smile:

Aiph, I can see falling in love with your 1F buuuut maybe not so much with a chatbot.
The ability to sort through a massive database very quickly with a not intelligent machine (I think) is not to be taken lightly.

To allay any fears that you may have expressed, today am making up a few desk nameplates to try a little actual production work on the 1F,
BTW small 1.5" name plates like your bank teller has out front is a heck of a way for someone beginning the CNC trip to get the word around town that you have arrived.
One for Tracy the Post Office lady, one for the bank lady another for the librarian etc.

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