Homing - Auto Motor Voltage and Current Calibration

I do understand a routine that would do what I am proposing is not trivial but it seems the issue keeps coming up especially for newcomers to CNC like me. I am assuming it would also help with users that dismantle, move, and re-assemble the Onefinity for off-site work and maybe even your QA testing. I would envision a routine that homes all axis, then re-positions to a random un-homed position, repeated X number of times while measuring the voltage and current on each motor to get enough data on each parameter to calculate suitable average settings and assign the parameters automatically. I believe after each run the routine would need to know “Is (whichever) axis is ok”, or “It is over-running?” - grinding in the stops (presumably reduce V or I or both), or “Is it Under-running?”- not making it to the stop (presumably increase V or I or both) for each axis. I am not sure if this routine would be needed for each machine limit, that is all four X-Y corners or not. Just a way overthought thought.