Aw Snap, something went wrong

I’ve had my Onefinity X-50 Woodworker for about a month now. I’ve had the issue shown in the photo about a dozen times.

This only happens to the display connected to the controller. I can still use my phone and computer to view the web interface. The only way I can fix this on the display is to restart the machine.

It happens randomly, sometimes while in the middle of running a program. Sometimes while just sitting idle.

It happened on the firmware that came on the machine, as well as the updated v1.0.9

If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it!


I’ve not experienced it (touch wood). Does refreshing the webpage help (swirly arrow on the top left)

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Unfortunately no, at best it refreshes for a quick second and then display the aw snap error again.

When working, if you unplug the signal USB does it do the same (I’m not near my machine at the moment to test) - it might indicate a dodgy USB fitting somewhere… Then it would be a call to support.

I will test this as soon as it finishes up its current cycle. Thank you, I’ll let you know what happens!

The awe snap is a chrome browser error not a Linux leve error so that shouldn’t matter. It is likely something in the web code


Any thoughts as to why unique to a controller?

Does feel like a standard IT response along with “switch it off and back on again” :grin:

Hey Ben,

Are you sure that when this error is present, that you can still get the application over phone/computer? In the same moment?

Hey Ben,

you could try the following:

Open a shell, and do

sudo editor /etc/chromium-browser/default

and replace the line


by the line


EDIT: Just checked what the chromium-browser’s version inside Onefinity 1.0.9 image is: Still 60.0.3112.89, very very old. So unlikely that it’s the “RendererCodeIntegrity” issue which was added to chrome 78, that could be this “Aw, snap!” cause.

So it’s another “Aw, snap!” cause. Chromium-browser had many different “Aw, snap!” causes in the past.

Deleting this post until I know a better chromium-browser option to insert.

Hi Aiph5u,

Yes, the only way I can do a proper shut down on the controller when the error is present is through my Computer or phone browser. Since I cant get to the fly out menu on the controller.

I have had the machine on all day today and the error has not occurred, I really don’t understand it

Hey Ben,

I would think it seems to be one of the many issues chromium-browser shows (over time, in many versions)

As long the application runs, it is fine to use it over the Network. We didn’t even order a Touchscreen with the machine, mainly because with 7" of 10" display size people over 45 years would need glasses (presbyopia).

You should be able to hit refresh on the onefinity screen

I have done that hundreds of times. It refreshes right back to the error page. Maybe once in 10 refreshes, it shows me the onefinity interface page for a half a second and then the Aw snap page comes back.

I have closed the browser completely, it reloads automagically and instantly goes back to the error screen.

This has to be a display error yes? If it was the controller I wouldnt be able to get to it on other devices, I think anyways.

I originally ordered the 10" display, When my machine was about to ship the 10" displays became back ordered and they had sourced a new smaller display in place of the others they sold. Im concerned this new small display may be the issue. I don’t think there’s a ton of them out in the world yet with the onefinitys.

Hey Ben,

It is an error of chromium-browser, the web browser installed inside the Onefinity Controller and in which you use the CNC Application when working directly on the Controller with a HDMI Monitor. When you use the CNC Application over the network, then you use another web browser so error doesn’t show up.

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I wonder if I can install a different browser onto the display? Has anyone done anything like that before?

Hey Ben,

you don’t install it onto the display, but onto the computer inside the Onefinity Controller. The operating system of the Onefinity Controller is Raspberry Pi OS (formerly Raspbian because it is based on Debian GNU/Linux) so of course you can log in as root and update the system (and thus, the chromium-browser package) or install other packages, but be aware that this is for advanced users only and you need the knowledge to administrate a unixoid operating system and at same time know the Raspberry Pi. Also the system as it is relies on using chromium as the browser. In any case if you want to modify something here, Onefinity Support will surely tell you that they don’t support this.

If you install and use another browser, you got to make sure it is started after X autologin and that it is configured in a way to show and let use the CNC application correctly. Rather than use another browser, I would upgrade the ‘chromium-browser’ version. As the version of Raspbian on 1.0.9 Onefinity Image is old (9.3 “Stretch” from 2017), you got to make sure /etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d rely on the correct (old) release and you got to prevent that Raspbian is upgraded to the newest version because you can not be sure everything will upgrade or keep running without the multiple interventions of an experienced Linux, Debian, Raspbian administrator, and it would be good to be experienced with bbctrl internals too.


Sounds like something got corrupted.

Hey BJ,

it is true that when Ben says the error didn’t show up all day today and then suddenly it appears, that there must be an underlying cause, which triggers the error in the browser.

Of course a fault in the SD card could have appeared but it would be probable that there would appear more errors then too, what do you think? I had a SD card failing the other day but then the system produced very much different errors. Normally nothing gets corrupted in a working system with so little user intervention options.

If it happened to me I would look at all log files. But for a normal user, reflashing would be worth a try. But you got to backup and restore your settings.