Backup power for controller and router

New to and still waiting for my Onefinity x50 but planning the installation.
I have read through various posts but have not yet found anything that directly relates. Knowing that the controller is a linux/unix based device and generally would not be happy with any sort of uncontrolled shutdown. I will be providing UPS backup to protect the controller. However, general use UPS devices do not provide a pure sine wave output and therefore are not a good choice for motor (router) control. So, my question is: During a power outage and with the controller now running off the UPS backup is there a way to ‘pause’ or (2nd choice, estop) a running program until normal AC power is restored to both the controller and the router?

Hey RFI,

you can use nut for triggering events in case the UPS reports mains electricity failing (which would be easy to install on (Raspberry Pi 3-based-) Onefinity Controller since it’s in repository). Such an event would be to pause the program, and for stopping spindle you may trigger the programmed Input Terminals available on any VFD. See also here.

And finally nut is usually used to shutdown the computer (in this case, the CNC Controller) just before the UPS’s batteries become empty.

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Thanks Aiph5u & others for the info! I’ll have a look at Nut and see what is involved. I’m sure I will have more questions.