Bad sounding noises with a small spiral ramp toolpath

I stopped the job and removed the bit after the first hole so I could record this. Anyone know what’s going on here?

Here’s a screenshot of my toolpath settings.

I didn’t lose any steps as far as I could tell and the sound goes away if I uncheck “add ramps to toolpath”. I think what is happening is the machine is trying to go way too fast around the tight spirals, where if I remove the ramps it doesn’t have time to accelerate before it has to stop to go down to the next pass. I’m just not sure what setting to change that would fix this and I didn’t want to go changing things without knowing for sure why it’s happening.

That isn’t a good sound. While it may not be missing a step that may only be because of how quick the direction changes so the step is only partially missed. I have had similar before on tight circles as the machine doesn’t treat them like arcs but rather faceted curves. So this causes stops/slowdowns and starts/speed ups in rapid succession. I recall having it once myself but don’t recall what/if I did anything about it. Technically if you lower your jerk and accel settings it should get better as well but that will also slow down your carves.

I also feel like I have gotten this in vcarve but not fusion so maybe it is in how the post processor does ramping too. Maybe that is also an arc shape instead of a linear ramp.

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This issue has been around a while. I experienced it with Fusion360. I don’t believe the issue has been resolved.

There were some issues with Fusion and circular interpolation at one point where it was outputting arcs and circles as hundreds of short lines causing terrible noise.

Here is a thread referencing the issue although not specifically v carve.