Disturbing popping during helical plunge

I have come upon a problem and unsure how to address/resolve. During a helical plunge cut for a tray there was a popping noise during each cycle of the helical plunge. What was strange is only on the plunge portion (as video). It knocks the xy slightly off but not z. Followed up with engraving - no issue, and then profile cuts - no issues. Any guidance or advice much appreciated. I plan to run a different scenario from a separate Gcode to see if this is replicated. I’m running 1.09 with Fusion generated code. I hope the video comes through as it is really a pop.

The video didn’t come thru.
What size cuter, speed and feed for the helical plunge and diameter of helix?
If X and Y are skipping steps then perhaps the feed is too fast around a too tight helix that the contoller/steppers can’t keep up - thus the skipping.

Very interesting, I’ll pull the data together and post. Bowl cutter 1" diameter bit. Thanks

Was it like this? Bad sounding noises with a small spiral ramp toolpath

Following the links from GrimResistance I think this might be important:

Fusion 360 and Circles (arcs) (circular interpolation)

I use Fusion too with Circular Interpolation turned on and I have helixed often. Never had that sound happen or missed steps. So make sure that is turned on.

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More of popping sound, wish I could attach my video. I went to straight plunge and eliminated the issue. Thanks for the reply!

That might be the ticket, will look into that. Real head scratcher issue, as I replied to @GrimResistance changed routine to plunge and no popping and no change of XY. I sure appreciate the feedback and help! Thanks!