Fusion 360 and Circles (arcs) (circular interpolation)

Fusion recently updated their software and has Circular Interpolation disabled by default.
Ensure you ENABLE this setting by checking the box, for the Onefinity to work properly!


I am having trouble locating this screen. I have found the Circular Interpolation setting when I select a toolpath and chose Post Process:

Is this a version\edition difference or are there multiple places to make the change? I am running F360 Personal on Windows

I noticed that the ‘Open config’ is greyed out. Make sure you use a local post so you will be able to ajust property. On mine (same screen) I’m able to click on the property value and choose a new value from dropdown.

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You could also choose ‘Create NC Program’ if you right click on your path then enable ‘circular interpolation’

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