Bessey 24" Parallel Clamps

If anyone is interested, I stumbled across 24" Bessey Parallel clamps at Home Depot for only $41. That is an exceptional deal for these clamps. The price appears to be their regular price, so time might not be a factor, but with the holidays coming, they make a great present for the woodworker in your life.

(disclaimer - I have no affiliation with Bessey or Home Depot; I’m just a frugal shopper ;))


I’m a HUGE Bessey clamp fan, defiantly my go-clamp for woodworking. I just got this deal at Rockler (they arrived yesterday). It’s also a great deal and you get 2 Extenders which are perfect for larger glue-ups. Set is a Black Friday exclusive and $40 off + Free Extenders for $179

ncludes (2) 24’’ clamps, (2) 50’’ clamps and (2) clamp extenders, which allow you to join clamps for additional capacity!


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