Rockler Inline Cam Clamps

Has anyone tried the Rockler T-Track Inline Cam Clamp?

I created the MDF cam clamps and I’m just not happy with them because it’s so easy for them to come loose. What I’m looking for is a side clamp that reliably holds the material in place and is low profile around 3/4" tall.

I’m not sure if that clamp will fit in my T-Track since the top of the T-Track is recessed below the top of the MDF wasteboard slabs. Is the part that slides into the T-Track adjustable in length?

Any other suggested low profile side clamps?

I use the Shop Fox version of that clamp. It’s steel so I put a piece of food between the work piece and the clamp. Also and damage done by the clamp is done to the scrap piece of wood and the clamp is far away from the bit so it’s unlikely to hit it.

Is the part that slides through the T-Track adjustable so it would work with a deeper T-Track? Also, does the handle come loose easy? I want something that won’t move from bumps or vibrations.

Yes. You can use longer or shorter bolts as needed. Screw the top/clamp down until it just slides but then when the lever is flipped it pulls the clamp tight.

These are the ones I got from Amazon. The allen head bolt in the center is 1/4 20 so finding different lengths in the states is easy. My spoilboard is about 1/8" higher than the top of my T tracks so I got a piece of 1/8" x 3/4" aluminum that acts like a shim. I use a 3/16" T handle ball driver to secure them in place. I’ve never had an issue with them loosening up. In fact they clamp the board so tightly I only secure the top and bottom of the board, not the sides and I don’t need to do anything to hold the board down.

How tall are those (not counting what’s down in the t-track)? Amazon says 1", but I’d like to confirm.

That’s measuring off of the top of the block pushing against the wood. I removed the shim I had on top of the T-track so the clamp is resting on the spoilboard.

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Awesome, thank you. I think I’ll try them out.

I got two of them to try out because they were cheaper than the Rocker ones and looked like they were not quite as tall. The next time I’m near a Rockler I’ll probably get an assortment of their clamps and stops to try.