Best software for 3D layers

I have been learning Vcarve while I wait, and actually am feeling pretty good with it. At least for a beginner without a CNC yet… :slight_smile: Question I have for the group is whether there is anything better for making 3D layered pieces like the attached?

Not that I’ve come across.

Not having a cnc right now is a little handicap but not huge because Vetric does great simulation. You should be able to have several files mostly ready just needing feeds and speeds.
Even the feeds and speeds can be approximate using rules of thumb.

I have several files ready to go already, and most have been easy to create with Vcarve. The layered have been more effort that feels a bit clunky. My daughter has a Cricut, which creates layered vinyl from svg files, and the process is very simple. That led me to wonder if there was an easier way.