Bit/tool/laser storage

First project, so of course I had to do bit storage. I’m just using the free version of Easel right now, and looking through their templates all of the wrenches were for the Dewalt 611. So I watched a few youtube tutorials and used Inkscape to create an SVG from a photo of my Makita collet wrench, as well as the JTech laser. Link to files here in the event anyone wants to grab all or some of my design: CNC Bit Storage - Onefinity with JTech Laser | Inventables


How did you do this? Did you layout your idea, take a picture then what?

There are programs out there that allow you to take import a photo of something and then determine the edges, from there you can create an svg of the outline.

Import the svg into whatever program you are using to carve and go from there. I forgot the image manipulation program I used, but I used easel for the carve.


That looks pretty helpful. I just tossem on top of everything then spend a bunch of time looking for my stuff.

is there space for the small wrench under the big one?

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No, although that’s a cool idea. That said I never use the small wrench.

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