"BitSetter" or Automatic Tool Offset Probe: Does Onefinity have or support one?

Bit setter is a brand name that Carbide 3d (shapeoko creators) name their automatic tool offset probe. These have been around for some time for a lot of CNC machines. All the BitSetter does is allow for bit changes with an automatic z probe with files that require more than one tool (a tool change). While this is convenient, it literally saves a minute or so of time at best during a tool change. We do not have one. We can not support the one from Carbide 3d. It MAY work by a community hack…but that will not be supported by Onefinity.

What’s the difference between the Touch Probe and an automatic tool offset probe? The touch probe helps set the zero point on the material and the automatic tool offset probe adjusts the z zero after a tool change without having to manually reprobe z.

We’re looking at making one in the future…but have no more info on that at this time.

We do sell a XYZ probe just like the BitZero. You can find that here: https://www.onefinitycnc.com/product-page/onefinity-3-axis-touch-probe