Black Friday & Christmas shopping lists

What does everyone have on their Black Friday and Christmas shopping lists?

My wife asked me Sunday what I wanted from Santa this year and she sort of balked at the idea when I told her Amazon Gift Cards. She asked me what I was getting and I told her things for my Onefinity that is arriving in mid-January. Just curious what others are buying or have looked into using with their machine.

I am also getting my 1F machine in Jan 2021 and have started me a “list” on Amazon. I have a waste board router bit, a Makita RT0701C router, some T track and a centering ruller and some router bits.


I have my request in for more bits. It’s crazy when you think that whatever job you’re doing there is always a better bit. I cant tell you how many times I have had to lower my 1/8 endmill bit because I keep getting errors. Other then that I need a dust collector BAD! Shop vac fills up too fast!

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chip separator on a 55gallon drum still works on a shop vac :slight_smile: