Black Friday Sale?

I’m looking at buying an X50 Journeyman sometimes soon and wondered if the community thought it might be worthwhile to wait until Black Friday? Does something like that tend to go on sale then?


They have never gone on sale in the past. Only thing we have had in the past is new product introduction.

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Aren’t they currently on sale? I mean the regular price is struck through and there is a “discounted” price on the website.


Hey all,

I believe Onefinity will soon kick in and say what they say in this case: “Not increasing prices during this long period is a discount”.

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They’ve never been the regular price listed to my knowledge.

I’m hoping for a plug and play supported 4th axis solution.

i’m still wondering what this is all about



So I guess the ad is right - “never saw [it] coming” :rofl: