Black Friday Promotions 2021?

Anyone know of any Black Friday Promotions?

That’s what lam waiting for also. I have thousand’s to spend…

Everything is currently discounted.


Ok, thanks. Ordering now.

Join the queue :nerd_face:. . .

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But aren’t the current discounts the everyday price? Not really a sale if that’s what you can purchase it for any other time. There really should be an extra incentive offered seeing that you have to wait 10-12 weeks for delivery and the competition is shipping their machine within 1-2 business days. Just my thoughts.

Actually, market economics would dictate that they should be raising their prices due to high demand.
Supply vs Demand

Note, I am in no way affiliated with OneFinity other than being a customer in the queue.
Patiently Waiting.


The fact that you can get an ‘other’ machine so quickly and demand for our machines has been so consistently high putting us at 10-12 weeks out through our first year and now into our second, should tell you the incredible value our current sales price is!


I respectfully disagree……it sounds good to say your machine is so popular is the reason for the 10-12 week delay. I actually believe the delay is caused by a insufficient business model that is having scalability issues. If that is the issue then there could be difficult times ahead. I hope I’m wrong. I really like the quality of your machine.

And to the gentleman who thinks the current economic times should dictate a price increase. I would argue that this machine is already at the peak of a hobbyist CNC and if the price goes any higher they will start losing their market share to entry level business machines.

I’m a big fan of the OF and I’m planning on pulling the trigger and purchasing one soon……my concern is with the business practice of advertising a inflated price and then reducing it to a price that’s still not competitive with what it can be purchased for daily on Amazon and calling that a “discount” is insulting all of our intelligence.

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That’s the challenge of running a business. Sure you can try to hire a bunch more people and lease out more space so you can reduce the wait but what happens when sales slow down? You can’t assume that sales are going to stay high. Secondly name one thing that hasn’t gone up in price over the last year? The fact that 1F hasn’t been raising prices is a discount.


The beauty of it all is you can choose what you want to do. They have a superior machine in their price point even if it raises slightly above its list price. It is foolish for them to scale up again as at some point the growth will slow and then they have a retraction issue. Let them run their business and you can chose to be or not to be a customer. It is always easier to drive from the backseat when you have nothing on the line.


I agree. I got my JM last week and have it setup and ready to go. I’ll be breaking it in this weekend since we have a holiday here in the States. I had a Shopbot Desktop and this thing is as beefy as that but the extra size of the JM vs the Shopbot is just incredible. It’s just what I need and it was worth the wait for me (3 1/2 months order to receipt). Similar to how I felt about getting my latest CNC plasma table.

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I guess I should just drink the kool-aide and join the flock……:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:…baaaahhhh!!!


Well, I pulled the trigger and ordered a Journeyman X50.

Time to hit SketchUp to design my stand. I hate breaking down plywood - maybe a pass through infinite length stand to use the X50 to break it down. It will have to have lockable wheels and either fold up, fold down, or breakdown to keep it a reasonable size.

Any similar designs already out there?


I’m just finishing mine up now. I used Fisher’s mobile tilting table as the basis for mine. Here’s a link to his plans site.

I extended it a bit so the tabletop is 6ft x 4ft and I shrunk down the drawer cabinet because I didn’t have room to just add 2ft to his design (for a WW). My cabinet has 20" long by 5" deep trays instead of full drawers. If I built it again I’d shrink the tabletop to 66" x 48". I used 72" because that’s what OF said was needed as well as a couple of posts here.

But if you’re like me and mounting the controller in the cabinet instead of on the tabletop you only need 66" for good clearance all around.

Overall length of mine is 82" and width is 22". Rotated the table fits up against the wall of the garage.

I made some other mods as well and can give you the links to the stuff I got from Amazon for them. I have the monitor on an articulated arm on the cabinet top, have a flush mount power socket for the extension cord mounted in the cabinet and a flush mount outlet set for the top of the cabinet as well as flush mount USB extension.

The power socket lets me plug the extension cord into the drawer cabinet. Inside I have the controller and monitor plugged in as well as the outlet set that’s mounted on the top. The outlet strip gives me the ability to plug the router in when I’m using the table. It also has a couple of USB power ports for my phone or whatever. The USB extension allows me to access two of the controller’s USB ports without needing to reach into the cabinet where it’s mounted. I can use it for a thumb drive and whatever else I want to be able to plug in.


Awesome. Pretty close to what I had in mind. The mod links would be great.

Really nice community so far!

I got one of these for the monitor power. Not critical but the right angle makes it obvious which cable is power vs controller.

I have this mounted in the top of the drawer cabinet. The other ends go to two of the USB ports on the controller. That way I can plug things in (like a memory stick) without having to run another cable or open the cabinet with the controller. Waterproof cover (so dustproof too).

This is the power strip I have mounted on the cabinet top. I have my router plugged into it when it’s in use. Leaves me an extra 120V outlet and 2 USB power ports for my phone or whatever.

This is how I get power into the cabinet. I have a multi-tap on the outlet side and then plugged my controller, the power strip and the USB power block for the monitor into it. I have an extension cord I plug into the outside which brings power in. Waterproof cover (so dustproof too). I have this mounted on the side.

Monitor holder - I mounted it in the middle of the cabinet top. I can rotate it to be parallel with the cabinet when I’m rotating the table.

I’m still waiting on the 4ft motor extension cables. Those will route through the axle into the tabletop and then to holes drilled by each motor. The other ends will go to the original cables that connect to the controller. They keep all the table wiring hidden within the table. It takes awhile for OneFinity to ship them so order them as soon as you’re committed to building.

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Jim, how about posting a picture? I want to thank you for the time it took to reply with the links.

Do you find it’s stable enough? I’m concerned about accuracy due to design.

Hey Michael,

Jim spreaded around his progress on the table, but here are some pictures in these threads:

Hope it’s okay Jim @JimHatch! :slight_smile:

@Aiph5u was good enough to post the link to my other table post. The 2nd one has a number of shots.

Definitely. It’s rock solid. Once I lock the casters it’s not going anywhere. The table legs keep it level & flat. I’ve mounted small bubble levels on the rail mounts just to make sure.

I haven’t seen any issues with the table’s cutting accuracy. The tabletop is ridiculously overbuilt. A torsion box is typically built using using minimalist materials that together provide strength. So 1/4" materials sandwiched into the honeycomb supported box would be strong & rigid enough. But Fisher speced, and I built, 3/4" plywood that creates a table with no measurable deflection under serious loads. The 1F just locks down onto it. The router runout is probably the weakest part of the whole system.