Onefinity Cupon Codes

Anyone aware of any Onefinity Cupon Codes for the jouryman or the wood worker?

Currently none, and I do not imagine that there ever will be.

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The machines are still discounted at their launch pricing so there are no discount codes or Black Friday deals.


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10 weeks + for delivery, there is no need to have coupons out there as they have all the orders they want.

I think more importantly, the original plan was to have special pricing for early adopters on a completely (at that time) unproven product in the marketplace. OneFinity (clearly not because they have to based on the order backlog) but because they want to help their customers has NEVER Raised their prices… what else can you say in the past 2 years has not suffered Inflation??? I can’t think of much.

So before we get down for no coupon or promo codes… lets keep our Eyes Wide Open… OF could move the prices to what they always said they would then offer a discount a few times a year… not sure that is nearly as good as the path they have chosen.

@OnefinityCNC @Mark Thank you OneFinity Team for taking care of your customers!!!